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Equine enthusiasts throughout the world seek to maximize the potential of their horse through aspects of equine stewardship. The five components that allow a horse to reach its potential are: genetics, nutrition, health care, training and equipment.

As a result of these five critical components, 5 Star has focused on producing the finest, all-natural products available to the equine industry.

5 Star stands for excellence in quality, craftsmanship and materials. Maintaining excellence is a standard which is met by carefully selecting the finest pressed virgin wool felt, leather, mohair and hardware. Products produced always receive full consideration to conformation, movement, natural therapeutic comfort and application.

5 Star produces 100% wool felt pads, mohair cinchas and wool blankets specifically designed to fit what is right for horses and mules.

“If you wouldn’t wear it, why should your animal?”

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Why Use Wool Saddle Pads and Blankets?
Excerpts from “Wool – The High Tech Material”
By Mike Easton
Content Review – Dr. Joyce Harmon, DVM

“…in the age of modern miracle fibers and foams, scientific research supports that the almost forgotten fiber made by God still remains the original high-tech fiber. That material is WOOL.”

“The secret to wool lies in its complex cellular structure. Each hollow strand is engineered to trap heat while resisting the buildup of moisture.”

“Today’s sportsman and equine owner are learning what sheep in the hottest and coldest climates of world have known for thousands of years…the original “high-tech fiber,” wool is still unmatched.”

The ” hydrophilic-“water -loving” component in wool is the aspect that delivers sweat and heat away from horses back and through the saddle pad.”

“100% wool saddle pads and blankets’ unique ability to deal with perspiration is ONE OF THE IMPORTANT components of limiting sores or the severity of a sore from a pressure point of an improperly fitted saddle or piece of tack. Wool’s ability to wick sweat away from the body leaves the skin drier and cooler than other materials.

Synthetic material, fibrous, open and closed cell foams, trap heat and so not wick and increase chances of heat related pressure sores. Also they have limited compression protection.

The cure for all these problems with saddle pads and blankets is quite simple. As Ray Hunt says, “It’s what happened before that you didn’t want to have happen.”


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