Horse Contour Western Saddle Pad

Imagine your horse dressed in the finest saddle pad in the world.  If you haven’t read the info on WHY these are the best, please click here and check it out.  Then come back and pick your style.


Web 30 X 30 Natural with Full Length Chocolate Crock with Blue Star

Our Standard Pad is 30″ x 30″ and comes square skirted as pictured.  You can request it to be round skirted in both the front and the back, or just the back.  (No extra charge….we’re kinda cool that way.)

Our Full Skirt Pad is 32″ x 32″ with a slightly rounded back corner.   That is so when your favorite mount brings his back leg forward, the square corner doesn’t bump into his hip.


Color choices are natural (kinda like oatmeal), black, and chocolate.  Thickness range from 1/2″ for our underpads, to 1 1/8″ on our Supreme Roper.  (Not all colors available in every thickness.)

5 Star Close Contact Pad - Chocolate - 30"x32"

5 Star Close Contact Pad – Chocolate – 30″x32″

The 5 Star Close Contact pad is 32″ nose to tail and 30″ across.  It curves up under your leg so there is less pad between you and your horse.  It is shaped to fit the butterfly skirted saddles.


PLEASE NOTE that the colored pads may transfer color to lighter colored animals (palomino, white, light grey) so that when you are half asleep and saddling up…’ll know exactly where to put your pad!  Seriously, though, it is a vegetable based dye and will not harm them, but if having a tinge of color on their hair is going to bother you, please purchase the “natural/oatmeal” color as it has no dye.


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