Mule Contour Western Saddle Pad

Hand made in the U.S.A. from 100% wool felt.

Product Information

The 5 Star Mule Pad is contoured to fit the flatter withers, thicker shoulders and flatter back line of mules, donkeys and jacks.  Any of the 5 Star pad styles can be created with the mule contour.  The featured pad pictured above is our 32″x32″ and has been dressed up with hair on wear leathers and gullet piece, with the back line protected by our standard leather.  The back corner of the 32″x32″ pad has been more rounded, so when your fine animal brings his back leg forward, his hip won’t bump into the pad.

The next 2 pictures are our standard 30″x30″ pad, designed to fit under many of the mule saddles.

Brown 30″x30″ Contoured Wool Felt Mule pad

Black 30″x30″ Contoured Wool Felt Mule pad

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