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5 Star Team: Hazlee McKenzie

Junior High Reaching for the Stars Team Rider

My name is Hazlee McKenzie. I am the daughter of Jason and Tera McKenzie. We are from Muldrow, OK. I have always loved animagls since I was a little girl. My dad set me up on a horse when I could varely hold my head up. My first horse was a miniature pony named, Trigger. I would ride him adn play with him every day. When my parents would go to a roping they would put me and Trigger in a pen by the cattle where I could ride him and they didn't have to worry about me getting ran over.  I've been hooked every sense! My next horse was a Shetland pony named, Short Round. I started out at shodeos, to little jackpot barrel races where I could enter the peewee class, to Little Britches Rodeos and Junior Rodeos.  I have now moved on from Short Round to other horses that I have also had great success on in bigger atmosphere's, such as Open rodeos, CRRA, ACRA, IPRA rodes and Oklahoma Junior High Rodeo Association.

Career Highlights

  • 2015 Won all Around Saddle at Arklahoma Little Britches Rodeo Association.
  • 2015 Won Girls Goat Tying Saddle at OJRA (Junior Rodeo Association)
  • 2015 Was 7th in the World in the NLBRA (National Little Britches Rodeo Association) for Goat Undecorating.
  • 2016 Won All Around Saddle at Arklahoma Little Britches Rodeo Association.
  • 2016 Won All Around Saddle at OJRA (Ozark Junior Rodeo Association).
  • Won multiple buckles from 2010 - present. Won my first one when I was 4 years old.


  • Playing softball, swimming, shooting archery, playing with my dogs, being outside and of course riding my horses.


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Ashley & Haley Janssen

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