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5 Star Team: Jasey Lenn Gant

Junior High Reaching for the Stars Team Rider


  • 2016 NLBRA Finalist in barrels, poles, goat untying, Flag Race
  • 2016 DSLBRA Reserve All Around Champion and Champion Barrel Racer
  • 2016 Margie Worley 5D Champion (First Barrel Race Win)
  • 2016 RRC 7-9 Year old Champion Pole Bender
  • 2017 BBR Finals Qualifier
  • 2017 NLBRA Finalist Junior Division in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying
  • 2017 Run for the Diamonds:
    • 1D 3rd Youth Saturday Race
    • 1D 3rd Open
    • 1D 6th Open Sunday Race
    • 1D @nd Youth
    • 1D 8th Open Monday Race
    • 1D 4th Average
  • 2017 LRCA Peach Festival Rodeo Hometown Barrel Race 1st Place
  • 2017 RRC Champion Pole Bender 7-9 Age Group
  • 2017 Troops for Tots Barrel Race
    • 1D 4th Youth Saturday Race
    • 1D 8th Open
    • 1D 2nd Youth Sunday Race
    • 1D 7th Open
  • 2017 NRS Little Britches Rodeo All Around Champion and First Place in Barrel Racing
  • 2018 Pearls and Purpose 2D Champion Youth
  • 2018 Turnin and Burnin for Bible Camp
    • 1D Youth Champion
    • 1D 6th Open Race
  • 2018 Run for Diamonds
    • 1D 5th Open Sunday Race
    • 1D 2nd Youth Sunday Race
    • 1D 4th Youth Monday Race
    • 1D 4th Open
    • 1D 2nd Average
  • 2018 LRCA Mt. Olive Christian School Rodeo (July) Second Place
  • 2018 LRCA Texarkana (September) Sixth Place
  • 2018 LRCA Winfield (October) Third Place
  • 2018 NLBRA - Currently three out of five first place wins in Barrel Racing
  • 2018 NLBRA Qualified for the 2019 Finals in Barrel Racing


  • Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Ribbon Roping, Flag Race


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Mandee Fetzer

I had my saddle taken in to check fit and they recommended your company. This contoured his back so well it improved how my saddle fit his back. We haven't had problems since! I love that I got to customize my pad making it unique to me. Thanks for making such a quality product!

Mariah Williams

I choose 5 Star pads exclusively because the comfort they provide the horse is unbeatable. I received excellent help from one of your dealers. She made me feel very informed and confident about my decision. The product is unmatched in reliability, performance, and attractiveness.

Jessica Rockett

I don't have a 5 star pad, but I've always wanted one! I've heard only great things about them. My 4 year old gelding is my barrel, rope, trail, and ranch horse.

Brittany Nice


My mare is running harder, clocking better, and is overall happier and more relaxed. I refuse to use any other pad because without 5 star, my mare wouldn't be as near comfortable as she is today." ~Brittany Nice

Ashley & Haley Janssen

Janssen Barrel Horses

I recommend your products to everyone I meet. I honesty will NEVER go back to using impact gel, because they made my horses sore and hindered their performance. Thanks for providing the horse industry with a pad they can trust for the next years to come.

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