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5 Star Team: Jasey Lenn Gant

Junior High Reaching for the Stars Team Rider


  • 2016 NLBRA Finalist in barrels, poles, goat untying, Flag Race
  • 2016 DSLBRA Reserve All Around Champion and Champion Barrel Racer
  • 2016 Margie Worley 5D Champion (First Barrel Race Win)
  • 2016 RRC 7-9 Year old Champion Pole Bender
  • 2017 BBR Finals Qualifier
  • 2017 NLBRA Finalist Junior Division in Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying
  • 2017 Run for the Diamonds:
    • 1D 3rd Youth Saturday Race
    • 1D 3rd Open
    • 1D 6th Open Sunday Race
    • 1D @nd Youth
    • 1D 8th Open Monday Race
    • 1D 4th Average
  • 2017 LRCA Peach Festival Rodeo Hometown Barrel Race 1st Place
  • 2017 RRC Champion Pole Bender 7-9 Age Group
  • 2017 Troops for Tots Barrel Race
    • 1D 4th Youth Saturday Race
    • 1D 8th Open
    • 1D 2nd Youth Sunday Race
    • 1D 7th Open
  • 2017 NRS Little Britches Rodeo All Around Champion and First Place in Barrel Racing
  • 2018 Pearls and Purpose 2D Champion Youth
  • 2018 Turnin and Burnin for Bible Camp
    • 1D Youth Champion
    • 1D 6th Open Race
  • 2018 Run for Diamonds
    • 1D 5th Open Sunday Race
    • 1D 2nd Youth Sunday Race
    • 1D 4th Youth Monday Race
    • 1D 4th Open
    • 1D 2nd Average
  • 2018 LRCA Mt. Olive Christian School Rodeo (July) Second Place
  • 2018 LRCA Texarkana (September) Sixth Place
  • 2018 LRCA Winfield (October) Third Place
  • 2018 NLBRA - Currently three out of five first place wins in Barrel Racing
  • 2018 NLBRA Qualified for the 2019 Finals in Barrel Racing


  • Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Breakaway Roping, Ribbon Roping, Flag Race


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5 Star Experiences

Holly Manlove Anderson

I love my 5 star pad I bought one because of all the good reviews I have heard. I have owned my pad for 10 years and is still in great condition. I can take this pad from my barrel horses to my mules which are hard to get a saddle to fit right. I would recommend these pads to everyone.

Ashley & Haley Janssen

Janssen Barrel /Horses

I am very happy with your saddle pads. I now own three 5 star saddle. Your saddle pads have really made the horse industry a better place, now I can depend on your products to keep my horses from getting sore with all the strenuous activity they go through each summer and winter.

Michele Watson

Love the 5 Star Pads, it's the only pad we've used that does not compress down and ensures us our horses are riding in comfort from barrels to trails.

Brittany Nice

United States

I struggled with saddle fit with my mare for almost a year. After spending thousands of dollars trying to find a right saddle/saddle pad combo, I finally tried a 5 star and was immediately hooked. My mare is running harder, clocking better, and is overall happier and more relaxed.

Tiffany Cox

When I was able to purchase a new saddle I bought another Five Star pad because I was so impressed with them. They are beautifully made and very durable. I absolutely love these pads!!!

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